Lent 5 - Senses of Brokenness: The Sound of Sanctification (Doubt)

March 29, 2017—Lent 5
Psalm 31:9-15 (UMH 764); Philippians 2:5-11; Matthew 26:69-75
Sermon: Senses of Brokenness: The Sound of Sanctification (Doubt)

Peter’s denial of Jesus was a mortifying blow. Peter vehemently lied about his association with Jesus. Having failed Jesus in the garden watch while Jesus prayed, and having separated from Jesus while he slept as Jesus agonized about what was coming, Peter turned cowardly and unholy. In contrast, Jesus’ courage and determination to do God’s will and be triumphant over violence and death were resolute. Where Jesus was adamant, Peter was in doubt, failing to grasp the meaning of following Jesus. Peter went out and further separated himself from Jesus, completing his desertion of Jesus, and bringing a bitter doubt to his life. The cockcrow is the sound of doubt in search of sanctification.

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