Church and Society


Historically the United Methodist Church has been committed to connecting “faith and life, church and society, and justice and peace.”  The General Board of Church and Society has created the document,  “CREATING CHANGE TOGETHER:  A Toolkit for Faithful Civic Engagement.”  The General  Secretary, Susan Henry-Crowe, writes:  “If every United Methodist put their faith into action, just think about the change we could create together.”

Social Principles of the United Methodist Church provides guidelines for our task…

Our Social Principles are grounded in Scripture and provide a foundation and guide for putting our faith into action. Voting is an opportunity to help create change through civic engagement in our democracy.  Download the Toolkit at Links to more resources are at


November is Native American Heritage Month, a time to remember that Native Americans live and work among us today. They are not just names for roads and rivers or names for 26 states in our nation. They are more than a mascot for sports teams that typically display a stereotypical logo that is demeaning and offensive.

These race based mascots are still used by high schools throughout the country and in southeastern Pennsylvania. The EPA Conference Committee on Native American Ministries (CoNAM) is sponsoring a Zoom presentation, Race Based Mascots:  Decolonizing, Ending Stereotypes, Engendering Respect, on November 8 at 4 pm. Join the presentation by registering here in advance.