Pastoral Letter 5 from Bill Lentz on Covid-19

Peace, mercy, and good health be with us all!

My prayers continue as we enter day 6 of the 15 days of the shuttering of our beloved church. News and directives come swiftly, daily, which adds to the anxiety and uncertainty we feel. One certainty to hold onto for dear life: God is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The Morningstar rises and sets. The tides ebb and flow. Spring has arrived, bringing longer light, warmer winds, and primary colors. Birds sing out in the early morning to praise their Creator. And we are alive to praise God too!

I’m pleased to announce that the “live streaming” of a worship service at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, March 22nd, will happen if everything comes together well. If “live streaming” proves unworkable, we will attempt to record the service and post it for use later in the day. As a backup plan, I’ve already recorded my sermon and prayers for you to use, which you’ll find on the Sermons Page on the church’s website homepage:

You’ve two choices to access the “live streaming” from your computer: (1) Access your Facebook Page and then access the church’s official page called Lansdale United Methodist Church. (Note: You will not be able to access the service from the church’s prayer page!) If you’ve not previously “Liked” the official church page, do so, but it’s not necessary for viewing the public live stream. (2) If you do not have a Facebook page, you can access the church’s website at Scroll down on the homepage, and you will see the live stream at the bottom. If you attend the live stream service, please comment or click an emoji that suits your mood!

Once we test the live streaming possibilities, we have other opportunities for connecting that could be available to us. Keep watching for updates. I’m grateful for the responses to the Covid-19 devotions I’ve written. I will keep writing to connect in at least this electronic way.

Please do call me for prayers or pastoral care needs at 484-767-2352. It’s okay! Call. You might be saving me from cleaning the garage if you do! Kathy and I wish you all wellness and joy.

Prayers continue,

Pastor Bill.