Pastoral Letter 3 from Bill Lentz on Covid-19

Greetings, dear friends in Christ,

Grace, peace, and health to us all! Let our spirits sing with gratitude to God for the promise of abundant life! Let our prays flow for the peoples of the 129 nations around the planet involved with Covid-19. Let our hearts grieve with those who mourn the death of loved ones. Let our hopes for healing be with those fighting the disease. As presumptive cases on Covid-19 rise in Montgomery County, I am more and more comfortable with the decision to shutter our church through March 27th. An “abundance of caution” is a reasonable standard to observe. Please follow the protocols of the CDC to protect others and yourself.

Here are several items for your information:

Concerning tomorrowSunday, Match 15: I’m attempting to record a brief service and a sermon for you on the church’s website at If I’m successful, you’ll be able to access it whenever you have time tomorrow, but how wonderful it would be for as many of us as possible to be together, connected, in internet worship at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. Check the website for an announcement about the recording.

Concerning WednesdaysMarch 18th and 25th: The Lenten Services are suspended through March 25th. We’ll meet next on April 1st at First Baptist Church at 7:00 p.m. 

Concerning Sunday, March 22nd: The Brunch at Manna on Main will reschedule to a later date. The Tech Team is working on the means to Livestream the March 22nd service if we suspend that service too. Again, we will use the standard of “an abundance of caution” when making decisions.

My prayers for you continue. Be calm. Be not afraid. Stay well.

Peace and all goodness,

Pastor Bill.