30 Days of Prayer

Prayer, the power of prayer, is a dynamic force that can change lives. Or rather, God changes lives through the power of prayer. Lansdale UMC believes in that power and would like to use its dynamic force to guide us in the coming year. We have many joys and challenges on which to focus our prayers. 

  • We pray for Pastor Stew Warner as he begins his mission of ministry at Lansdale UMC.
  • We pray for our church and its mission of service to our community.
  • We pray for our neighbors in and around the church that we can build relationships and a sense of community.
  • We pray for Lansdale Borough, its leaders and its workers, as they make life in Lansdale a safe and friendly community that supports all people.
  • We pray for the many needs of our community such as food security, housing security, health issues and educational support.
  • We pray for leaders across the county, the state, the nation and the world to help solve issues regarding health, poverty, crime, racial inequities and our climate.
  • We pray for our country that we may be able to live in harmony with one another and the environment and that everyone can enjoy the same rights and freedoms no matter their race, religion, ethnic background, or orientation.
  • And we pray for our world so that our children and our children’s children will know that we cared enough to preserve God’s abundant green earth for them.  

During the month of September our challenge is to cover each and every day with prayer.  We are asking members to sign up for a day in which you will pray 3-4 times throughout the day for our church, community, nation and world. You may pray wherever you are! Pray at home while gardening, walking, or caring for your children.  Pray at work, your office or school, or even while you’re driving.  

There are many ways to sign up for this incredible prayer vigil. A link to the electronic sign up sheet is below.  You can also sign up at church on the bulletin board outside of Stringer Auditorium or at the name tag table on Sunday mornings. You can even call the church office to choose your day of prayer. We hope to cover every single day in September and encourage multiple people praying as well. Choose a special day if you wish, like a birthday, anniversary or holiday to help you to focus on the needs of the church, nation, or world as they impact your own life. We know that through prayer, God can do mighty things and we hope to kick start our fall season with mighty works!